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Bathroom and Washroom

Bathrooms and Washrooms are the high points in every house. While at some point in history they were only considered as the functional part of the house. With time this notion has changed and the importance of designing bathrooms has taken a high lift. Remember visiting a hotel and rushing to check the bathroom facilities. No wonder that mirror selfies inside glamorous washrooms have become so famous. It all comes under the big umbrella of interior designing. A lot of time is spent on thinking about the décor of the bathrooms and washrooms and Interior Services is the best in this domain. From the planning till the final day of completion might take some time but it is worth every minute given.

The bathroom is one of the most expensive rooms in the house. On the ladder of the maximum monetary investment, it ranks second after kitchen. However, Interior Service’s clients don’t need an extravagant renovation to make their space feel luxurious. We, at Interior Services, make your bathrooms and washrooms simply grand. With right fixtures and finishing, we can provide you instant amazement at the sight of your bathrooms.

How do we manage space ?


Planning is the first stage. We plan out on our customer’s requirements and then we strategies ways to bring those dreams to the surface.


We provide partitioning for separating sections. It is important as it separates sections with proper designation for the purpose they’ll serve.

Vertical Space Management

We use vertical spacing strategies for adequate utilization of space. It is the most efficient way to use the space effectively.

Installation of multiple shelves and almirahs

There are a lot of toiletries, bottles and holders in bathrooms and washrooms. For this we provide easy installation of multipurpose shelves and almirahs inside your bathrooms.

We don’t need clients who suit us

But WE suit our client’s needs and requirements

We work and plan out as per our client’s needs though we strive to provide results beyond expectation. Our team is a group full of experienced change maker professionals who work tirelessly to bring out the best desirable results. We are about our customers and their budget. We offer our packages of interior designing at affordable rates.

We provide our services for all types of customers. Don't worry if you think you cannot afford a grand bathroom you have seen in films. To bring your dreams to the surface is our duty and we fulfill it with dedication.

We do it by upgrading and working on the small details like your storage, mirror placement, bath mat, etc and from there we swiftly take our flight up to the extreme detailing without making monumental expensive investment. With our crew, we provide the best colour contrast to your bathroom with magnificent bathroom tiles to add to its beauty.

6 Reasons To Use Interior Services


Interior Expertise

Interior Services has the expertise to transform the client’s premise according to their requirements & desires. We create the best interiors, what our clients dream for.


Easy To Use

All construction and installations done by our company are not only in sync with the latest trends but we also make those adaptable and easy to use by people.


Affordable Price

Our Interior Services design team always keep client’s budget into consideration while creating their dream space. Affordability is the major USP of our company.


Free Consultation

Consultation with our design & construction team is free of cost. We visit our clients premise upon call for free analysis, discussion and consultation service.


Best Value

Interior Services guarantees best value for money to its clients. We provide state of the art interior services in the client’s budget.


Guaranteed Works

Interior Services takes full life long guarantee for the durability of all the construction / renovation work carried out for our clients.

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