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Privacy Policy for Interior Services

Effective date: 01-07-2020


Welcome to Interior Services

We, at Interior Services, keep your privacy intact inside our company. We make sure none of it goes outside the boundaries of our company, with consulting from you. Your privacy is what we take care of the moment we start working with you.

We are a credible website. Any information given to us doesn’t leak out with your permission. While dealing you make talk to us about your dreams and the kind of look you want, and we make sure to keep all of it sealed with us.

We are trusted company and our past relations with our clients talks largely about the immense faith invested by not. We repay back all the trust by keeping your things and data with us and offering you the best we can in terms of our interior designing.

Data and Records

While maintaining your website, we may have to look into your data. This might be regarding the times you have visited the website and when you have visited the site. We may access the traffic of your website. We may even have access to the pages and resources that are exclusively yours, but trusting us, we use none of it for our use. Whatever we do is for you. The information will be solely provided by you and we will make sure that we have all the rights to do it before signing the deal. We are professionals and we know the work ethics of our area.


Cookies are a look into the information of the computer used by someone. We may use cookies in our work for the sole purpose of improving the terms on which our work is based. Cookies are crucial source of information and we use it wisely. We do not just barge into your computer. We do it in an ethical manner and we make sure that you know about the work we are engaged in and more importantly you don’t have a problem with it. However if you don’t want us to engage us with the cookies you switch to the “reject cookies” option in the settings of your computer. This will be conversed with you in the initial phases as well and can be verbally communicated also.


Our work process is transparent; it gives our clients a view from inside out. We do everything and put it on display for you ONLY. We make sure you know the chronology of our working and progress. This gives a sense of relief to our clients and they feel a part of the work carried on by us. We make sure you don’t feel out of place and dubious regarding our working. By keeping things transparent, we get to interact better with you and which finally shines in the final project.


We maintain privacy regarding everything you provide us with. We make sure it remains with us. We do not, at any cost, deliver your personal information to the third party. It does not get disclosed at any point or stage of our working.

Contact Us

Let nothing stop you from contacting us.

Please do not hesitate in contacting us. Feel free to ask us questions. If you have any other query or demand regarding our Privacy Policy feel free to contact us. Write us at email:

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